Workshop 2011: Programme

Workshop on Formal Methods and Cryptography, Colocated with FM 2011, Limerick, 21 June 2011

Kemmy Business School, room KBG-13, starting at 9:00

In the 1990s, formal methods were successfully applied to the modelling and verification of security protocols at a high level of abstraction. However, modern cryptographic protocols contain probabilistic and complexity theoretic aspects which require a different set of abstractions. Several approaches for dealing with this have appeared since, including: automated proof-checking; compositional techniques; higher level proof structures; abstractions of computational models; and specialised logics.

The CryptoForma network ( brings together UK and international researchers working in these areas, including experts on cryptography, on formal methods, and on their interconnection, both from academia and from industry.

The network organises a yearly international workshop. The first of these was co-located with the PKC conference in Paris in May 2010 ( and attracted speakers and audience from several countries.

At this second workshop, co-located with FM 2011, CryptoForma reaches out explicitly to the international formal methods community. We invited three kinds of papers:

  • papers surveying aspects of the state of the art in formal methods for cryptographic protocols, possibly of a tutorial nature;
  • papers highlighting the problems posed by cryptographic applications where formal methods have not yet provided satisfactory solutions; and
  • papers describing possible solutions to such problems, possibly on the basis of case studies.


Session 1

Session chair: Steve Schneider

Session 2

Session chair: James Heather

Session 3

Session chair: Mark Ryan

Session 4

Session chair: Eerke Boiten

Afterwards …

The final outcome of this workshop will be a special issue of the journal Formal Aspects of Computing. Submissions for the workshop have been reviewed for relevance to the theme, scientific quality, and feedback; authors of presented papers will be invited to submit for inclusion in the journal special issue some months after the event. Informal proceedings including presented papers will be distributed at the workshop. To avoid any constraints on later publication, the selection process for inclusion in the workshop programme does not constitute formal reviewing, and inclusion in the informal proceedings does not constitute a refereed publication.


  • 5 September 2011 Journal special issue submissions due

Program chairs

Eerke Boiten, University of Kent, UK
Steve Schneider, University of Surrey, UK

Program committee

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