15 January event: Cedric Fournet 6pm + CryptoForma from 2pm

Our next event: at BCS London, 6pm for the keynote and from 2pm an open CryptoForma workshop as follows (see event page for more info including slides):

14:00 Steve Schneider (Surrey) “Design and formal verification of a robust web bulletin board”
14:45 Sergui Bursuc (Bristol) “Formal multi-party computation”
(15:15 break)
15:45 Eike Ritter (Birmingham) “Privacy through Pseudonomity in Mobile Telephone Systems”
16:30 Eerke Boiten (Kent) “Modelling scratch cards in Z”
(17:15 break)
18:00 Cedric Fournet (MSR/INRIA) “Implementing TLS with Verified Cryptographic Security”
(19:00 end)