Meeting at Kent, 15 January: Programme

The meeting will be in Darwin College, Lecture Theatre 2 (on your left right after entrance) on the Canterbury campus. See here for general maps and directions. Contact Eerke Boiten to join event or the research network.

  • 10:30 Opening
  • 10:35 Tom Chothia (with Flavio Garcia), Birmingham: A Lightweight Distance-Bounding Contactless EMV Payment Protocol
  • (Andriana Gkaniatsou ill so her talk unfortunately cancelled)
  • 11:00 Pooya Farshim, QU Belfast: Random Oracles and Obfuscation
  • 11:30 Coffee
  • 11:45 Changyu Dong, Strathclyde: protocols based on Fully Homomorphic Encryption
  • 12:00 Kenny Paterson, RHUL: Attacks can only get better (on attacks against RC4 in TLS)
  • 12:50 Lunch
  • 14:00 Jaime Gaspar, Kent: One-way function compositions
  • 14:25 Patrick McCorry, Newcastle: how Bitcoin can be used for a command & control centre for botnets
  • 14:50 Jan de Muijnck-Hughes, St Andrews: Using Dependent Types to Specify, Implement, and Reason on Communication Protocols
  • 15:15 Stathis Stathakidis talk cancelled, update to follow
  • 15:40 Tea
  • 16:00 Discussion
  • 16:25 Douglas Stebila, Queensland University of Technology
  • 16:55 Matthijs Melissen, Birmingham: Formally defining accountability
  • 17:20 End